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Cartier Sunglasses
Cartier Sunglasses
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Cartier Sunglasses

Cartier Sunglasses

Cartier Sunglasses eventually transferred it’s family ownership in 1972 however it never relinquished its brand commitment to excellence, upholding their reputation as the ‘jeweller of kings’ with each and every release. In particular, Cartier Glasses has forged ahead into the eyewear market due to the brand's impressive range of frame shapes and designs, making them instantly recognisable. Cartier in 2019 Safdie Brother’s Crime Thriller ‘Uncut Gems’. Check out what styles your favourite celebrities are wearing. AUTHORISED AND AUTHENTIC EYEWEAR RETAILER FOR CARTIER SUNGLASSES - WE HOLD AN ACCOUNT WITH CARTIER’S OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR KERING.

Santos de Cartier

An emblematic collection. The ‘Exposed Screw Motif’ pays homage to the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont for whom Cartier designed their first wristwatch (a geometric shape and exposed screws).

Panthere de Cartier

A homage to Jeanne Toussaint's “La Panthère”, a woman with an assertive personality and taste, muse and colleague of Louis Cartier. Sophisticated, Panthere detail, Lacquering (hand-painted finishing eyes & spots).

Signature C Décor Cartier

The Cartier sunglasses unisex signature. The Cartier “C” became a timeless guarantee of exceptional tradition. Thin, elegant and elongated C Décor Elegant and subtle details for a refined aesthetic. Available in wood and Buffalo Horn

Trinity de Cartier

A feminine, refined style. Three rings that become one in order to form this precious jewel. Three identical bands, three colours – symbolising Love, Friendship & Fidelity. A jewellery collection with precious and sophisticated finishes.

Pasha De Cartier

The original Cartier Sunglasses Pasha De Cartier was Introduced in 1985. Pasha brings together elements that go beyond classic style by fusing originality and uniquely powerful design. Titanium material provides unparalleled comfort and function.

Première de Cartier

Maximum expression of the Cartier savoir-faire. Gold details with a thin, subtle signature (decorative screw with a double C marking, Double C marking on the end tip, Cartier signed temple, light & thin frame).

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