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Chiara Ferragni Sunglasses
Chiara Ferragni Sunglasses
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Chiara Ferragni Sunglasses

Introducing: Chiara Ferragni sunglasses. 

The Chiara Ferragni eyewear collection is designed by the social media star herself, formerly known as 'The Blonde Salad.' Chiara's eyewear collections consist of bright and bold statement-making sunglasses. The designer's quirky and vivid fashion style mirrors Chiara Ferragni sunglasses - aimed at younger clientele who love to express themselves through bold and dominant designs. 

Chiara Ferragni Sunglasses - Elements of Pop Culture, Streetwear & High Fashion

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion influencer and entrepreneur who founded her eponymous brand in 2013. Through starting a fashion blog, 'The Blonde Salad', Chiara emerged in the fashion industry by initially documenting her lifestyle - including her favourite fashion looks and everyday outfits. She dramatically grew a large following of teenagers and young adults who became invested in Ferragni and her way of life. Chiara is known for demonstrating a very raw perception of herself online - posting unedited content that many fans appreciate and relate to. The influencer now has over 29 million followers on Instagram - a contributing factor to her rising fame. Her style has been a huge influence on the brand's aesthetic, which is youthful, feminine, and often whimsical, and it offers a range of products, including clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

Ferragni released her first eyewear collection relatively recently - in mid-2021. As a major force in the fashion industry, her eyewear line has become loved by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts for its bold, statement-making designs that can elevate any outfit.

Celeb's known for wearing Ferragni designs include Alessandra Ambrosio and Anna Dello Russo. 

Want to get this quirky and much-loved influencer's style? Spice up any look with her signature cat-eye frames in one-of-a-kind colourways that will add vibrancy to any outfit.

Shop some of our best selling Chiara Ferragni Sunglasses below:


CF 7004/S 35JIR

CF 7006/S 807IR

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