Fendi Glasses embodies a rich legacy, tracing its origins back to its founder Adele Casagrande, who initiated a leather and fur shop on Via del Plebiscito in central Rome. Originally established in 1925, the brand took on the name Fendi after Adele married Edoardo Fendi. Following Edoardo's passing in 1954, the business transitioned to his five daughters, marking the beginning of an expansion that included the introduction of the iconic Fendi Furs.

In 1965, the Fendi sisters collaborated with designer Karl Lagerfeld, who crafted the distinctive inverted FF logo representing "fun fur." This logo gained widespread popularity, appearing on various items from canvas to luggage and shoes. Today, Fendi Glasses remains deeply rooted in its Roman heritage, drawing inspiration from the city's clash culture, characterized by a diverse architectural landscape and rich historical tapestry at every corner.

Exemplifying luxurious Italian design, Fendi eyewear makes a bold statement through distinctive frame shapes and intricate details such as pearls, studs, vibrant colours, and metal embellishments. While predominantly designed for women, the collection also includes stylish options for men. The key focus remains on 'Fendi Glasses,' reflecting the brand's commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and style.

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