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Marc Jacobs Glasses

Marc Jacobs glasses come in various shapes and styles, from classic round frames to more modern and angular designs. The frames within Marc Jacobs' eyewear collection adopt the same eclectic, bold, and playful style that the brand has always been known for. Jacobs is known for mixing unexpected elements and incorporating diverse influences into his designs, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic that is both fashion-forward and fun. The frames within the collection are often crafted with acetate or metal frames and feature unique details such as engraved logos, subtle patterns, and bold colour combinations. All in all, they are stylish, high-quality, and with a designer touch. 


The History Behind Marc Jacobs Glasses 

Marc Jacobs was born on the 9th of April 1963 in New York City. When he was just seven years old, his father passed away, and he moved in with his Grandmother. Despite going through a difficult time, Jacobs never lost his love for fashion and worked hard to build his portfolio so that he could attend the prestigious Parsons School of Design. After completing his education, he landed his first job at Perry Ellis and teamed up with Robert Duffy, his creative collaborator, to create Marc Jacobs International in 1984.

Jacob's ability to balance passion and quality has allowed him to blaze new trails in the fashion industry. He is known for his creativity, rebellious nature, and unpredictable spirit while remaining true to himself. Marc became such a force in the industry that he was appointed the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton from 1997-2013. During his time in the fashion house, he transformed Louis Vuitton from a luxury luggage brand into a luxury fashion brand.

Marc Jacobs glasses are based on two fundamental concepts: a passion for fashion and a dedication to quality. The frames embody his passionate creativity, rebellious nature, and authentic spirit. Each eyewear collection blends traditional and innovative techniques to create sophisticated and slightly retro shapes that are remarkably glamorous.


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