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Noel Gallagher Sunglasses

When it comes to eyewear, Noel Gallagher's sunglasses style ties in with his prominent 1960s mod fashion sense of style. The Oasis band member has a very distinctive look, and his eyewear certainly helps him to achieve this. 

Noel Gallagher's sunglasses styles range from classic aviators to more modern and trendy frames. He also tends to opt for a larger frame that is likely to provide plenty of coverage while also offering a bold and confident look. 

When it comes to Noel's prescription glasses, which he has been seen wearing on numerous occasions, he tends to opt for round or square frames with a preference for classic and understated styles. However, he does like to still have that retro feel to them. 


Noel Gallagher's Sunglasses Compliment His Signature Fashion Sense


Noel's signature fashion items include his trademark parka coat, which he often wears with a scarf and sunglasses. His dress sense very much reflects different elements of rock and roll, mod fashion, and Manchester's music scene - where Oasis' roots stemmed from. He is usually seen wearing high-end brands such as Stone Island, Saint Laurent, Burberry, and Paul Smith. 

Gallagher is usually seen wearing shades day-to-day. Some of our favourites styles we have came across him wearing include aviators, Wayfarers, round frames, and sporty sunglasses. 



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