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Victoria Beckham Glasses

Victoria Beckham Glasses
Victoria Beckham Glasses
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Victoria Beckham Glasses

 The Victoria Beckham Glasses collection mixes the brand’s signature styles of refined luxury and creates exceptional frame shapes with carefully blended colours and patterns such as the classic aviator, navigator, and square silhouettes that are made from rich acetates and metals.

Victoria Beckham, also known as ‘Posh Spice’, was in the famous 90s pop group Spice Girls, the group released their debut album ‘Spice’ in 1996, to a roaring success that sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Regularly in the public eye, Victoria Beckham is married to, former-footballer, David Beckham who also has his own eyewear range ‘Eyewear by David Beckham’ - together they are commonly referred to as ‘Posh & Becks’. The Spice Girls split in the year 2000 and Victoria Beckham embarked on a solo music career and later explored her love of fashion. Her first endeavor was a line of jeans called ‘VB Rocks’ in 2004 before launching her own namesake brand in 2008 which produces sophisticated ready-to-wear designs for sophisticated and contemporary women. Her design aesthetic is very minimal, timeless and classic.

Each pair of Victoria Beckham glasses are designed with elegance, empowerment and sophisticated details. The bold contours of each frame creates a subtle profile that flawlessly elevates your look - glamorous yet understated. Victoria Beckham spectacles are all expertly made in Italy using the finest craftsmanship, materials and processes in order to provide you with the optimal performance and protection.

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