Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses

Since launch in 1937 - to protect pilots’ eyes from harmful sun rays - Ray Ban have always been at the forefront of lens manufacture. Everything they do is driven by their original aim: to protect wearers’ eyes for ultimate performance, while completing their everyday look with the most sought-after designs.

Now, for the first time, Ray Ban are offering a wide range of frames with authentic Ray-Ban® prescription lenses. Available for both optical frames and sunglasses, you can be sure that every detail meets the highest standards of our brand. For customers who don’t want to compromise on quality, and are looking for the full Ray-Ban® experience, this latest innovation is exactly what they have been waiting for.

Air force fighter pilots first pulled on our iconic shades 80 years ago. While technology has advanced immeasurably since then, one thing has remained constant: wherever you see our unmistakable logo, you are guaranteed unrivalled Ray-Ban® quality. Authenticity of the offering is guaranteed by Ray-Ban® Signature logo and initials featured both on Clear and Sun prescription solutions.


The Ray-Ban® prescription lenses prodcut guarantees an unrivalled and authentic Ray-Ban® experience.
Every pair of Ray-Ban® prescription glasses will come with a certificate of authenticity to demonstrate its quality and origins, together with the authentic case.

Thanks to the full Ray-Ban® experience you can finally consider spectacles and prescription sunglasses a finished product. Thanks to advanced technology and quality control, Ray-Ban® doesn’t only make sure the customers' favorite Ray-Ban® frames are perfectly fitted with authentic prescription lenses, they also adapt the prescription to the chosen frame.

The trademark shapes of Ray-Ban®’s instantly recognizable frames have stood the test of time, and the new Ray-Ban® prescription sunglasses will look identical to the classics.


Non Polarised



Improving Clarity and Safety in Vision, filtering out 99% of the distracting polarised light to ensure the highest protection. When sunlight bounces off shiny surfaces such as water, snow and ice, or even overheated asphalt or sand, it tends to strike the eye horizontally, creating harmful glare.

Ray-Ban Polarised lenses contain a special tinted film with horizontal polarizers that filter out 99% of the polarized light that generates glare. Compared to non-polarised lenses, to the customer this means the highest protection combined with clearer vison. Ray Ban Polarised Lenses are enhance with premium back surface anti glare coatings. If you want the best possible vision in bright sunglight then we recommend polarised lenses.

Special Offer Pricing 2022
Genuine Ray Ban Prescription Sunglass Lenses £190 £95 per pair + frame
Add Polarisation with back surface anti-glare + £75 £50

Lens Tint Options

Solid Tint


Mirror Lens