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Blacklink sunglasses

Blackpink Sunglasses: Shop Their Style

Blackpink is the South Korean girl group that has taken the world by storm with their catchy pop songs and unique fashion sense - let's take a look at some Blackpink sunglasses worn by the four K-pop stars.


Who Are Blackpink?

If you have found your way onto this blog post, we believe you may be a Blackpink fan or at least have some indication of who they are. But, for those unaware of the South Korean girl band taking the world by storm - let's dive in. 

The group consists of four members, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. They are known for their energetic beats, powerful vocals, and edgy style. Since their debut in 2016, they have become one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world, and their music videos have received billions of views on YouTube. 

Since their debut in 2016, the girls of Blackpink have not only made a name for themselves in the music world but also in the fashion world. They have become known for their unique style and fashion choices both on and off stage. Their fashion sense, collectively, is a mix of high-end designer pieces and streetwear, and they often mix and match different styles to create unique and memorable looks. Each band member has also collaborated with high-end fashion brands in recent years, making a name for themselves in the luxury sector. Let's find out who each star is associated with...

Blackpink Sunglasses: A Must-Have Accessory

One accessory that the Blackpink girls often wear is sunglasses. They have been spotted wearing various styles, from oversized round frames to tiny sunglasses and everything in between.

Let's take a look at each member and discuss their styles as well as their collaborations with high-end fashion brands. Click on the images to access each members collection.


Blackpink sunglasses



Lisa's style is edgy yet chic. Her style is characterised by her fearless attitude towards fashion. She is not afraid to take risks and try out new trends. When it comes to her sunglasses style, she usually gravitates towards rectangular-shaped frames that compliment her modern style. Her typical sunglasses style is a thick or thin frame in either black, white, or tortoiseshell. Lisa has had several collaborations within the fashion industry. Most notably, in 2019, she was announced as the global ambassador for the French luxury fashion house Celine. Lisa is a huge fan of the brand herself and often sports a range of clothing garments, bags, belts, and, most importantly, sunglasses from the fashion house. Shop her style HERE. 







Blackpink Sunglasses



Rosé is known for her feminine and elegant fashion sense, often wearing feminine dresses and skirts paired with edgy accessories. She is not afraid to mix and match different styles, often pairing delicate pieces with chunky boots or leather jackets. When it comes to her eyewear, she has worn various styles, including oversized, aviator, and cat-eye frames, to name a few. she often chooses sunglasses with dark lenses that provide a touch of mystery and complement her bold stage presence. Alongside her unique and admired fashion sense, Rosé is another Blackpink member who has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. In 2020, she was announced as the Global Ambassador for the luxury fashion house Saint Laurent and has been featured in numerous campaigns - featuring YSL's eyewear collection too! Shop her style HERE.






Blackpink Sunglasses



Jisoo has a fashion style that is both feminine and classic, often incorporating vintage-inspired pieces and retro silhouettes. She is known for her love of bold patterns and textures and wears playful prints along with bright colours on stage. Jisoo often chooses sunglasses with delicate frames and lenses in light or pastel colours, complimenting her feminine and playful style. Much like Lisa and Rosé, Jisoo has also created a name for herself in the fashion industry - supported by her collaboration with French luxury goods company Cartier. In 2020, she was announced as the new ambassador for the luxury jewellery brand and has since featured in several campaigns and editorials for Cartier. Her collaboration with the French luxury house is a testament to her timeless and elegant style and her ability to inspire fans with her fashion choices. Shop her style HERE. 






Blackpink Sunglasses



Jennie Kim, the rapper and vocalist of Blackpink, is known for her bold and daring fashion sense. She often mixes high-end designer pieces with edgy streetwear, creating a unique and modern style that has made her a fashion icon. When it comes to sunglasses, Jennie wears various frame styles. However, you can almost bet that the majority of her sunglasses are from Gentle Monster. The South Korean eyewear brand, founded in 2011, has gained international recognition for its innovative designs and collaborations with various artists and fashion icons - such as Jennie. She began collaborating with the brand in 2018, and her collections are inspired by Jennie's fashion sense which showcases her edgy and bold style. Her role in Gentle Monster's growth has been a huge success and has assisted in cementing the brand's reputation as a leader in innovative eyewear design. Although Gentle Monster is not a brand we currently stock here at PRET, keep your eyes peeled... But in the meantime, shop her style HERE.



We hope that we have managed to help you source a pair of Blackpink sunglasses worn by your favourite member. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog as we continue to update our celebrity collections to keep you in the know about your favourite celebrities' eyewear styles.




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