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The Santos de Cartier selection celebrates the fearless spirit of Santos Dumont through screw details borrowed from the iconic watch that was first created in 1904 for the Brazilian aviator. Classic allure evolves into modernity as the Maison’s innovative approach shifts from lightweight half-rim optical shapes to floating sunglass structures – all crafted from golden and platinum-finished metal.


CT0034S 014 

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CT0034S 012

The Signature C De Cartier line is as respectful of the Maison’s rich tradition as it is edgy and innovative in its reinterpretation of vintage allure, expressed in a rimless rectangular shape enriched with the exquisite C Décor detail as an instant reference to Cartier’s iconic jewellery pieces.


CT0330S 007 / 008

CT0330S 005

CT0037RS 002

An object of desire and an emblem of powerful femininity, the Panthère de Cartier theme evokes Cartier’s latest handbag collection featuring a revamped feline head with a rock chic look. The panther is rendered with a faceted effect and glowing touches of enamel on the oversize metal contours, and on the narrow acetate style in full swing with the overall 3D geometrical feel that also recalls the feline head on the cut of the bridge and of the lenses.


CT0065S 001

 CT0065S 003

CT0333S 002


The Première de Cartier seasonal selection updates iconic frames from the 80s, combining vintage inspiration and fresh creativity. A narrow rectangular shape from the archive is restyled and perfected with wood or horn temples and Godron motifs. Besides ensuring maximum lightness, comfort and distinction, the unique mix of noble materials and eye-catching detailing once again attests to the Maison’s striking savoir-faire and artistry.


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