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Stocking Filler Sunglasses

Stocking Filler Sunglasses

Some Sunglasses As Your Stocking Filler?

Finding gifts to throw in as a stocking filler can be difficult. Considering the size of most stockings, space can also be an issue. If you are anything like us, struggling to stuff oversized boxes into a stocking on Christmas Eve is certainly not on the agenda! So, if you are looking to spruce up your gifts this year, ditch the traditional stocking fillers of chocolate, bubble bath, small games, and beauty products and opt for a cool new pair of shades for your loved ones. 




Let's Dive into Our Carefully Selected Stocking Fillers.


Pair 1 - A Classy and Versatile Stocking Filler 

We bring you the Tom Ford Simone - 02 TF57128B


What better way than to surprise the ones you love most on Christmas Day than with a pair of signature Tom Ford sunglasses. 


Stocking filler Tom Ford sunglasses

Tom Ford is an industry leader when it comes to extravagant eyewear. This style is no exception. The classic round frame and grey gradient colour lens make them the perfect everyday eyewear. 
Always walking the line of shock-factor and high-octane and glamorous, Tom Ford create exceptional fashion, film and cosmetics. He creates for the empowered woman with an innate sense of self. These frames completely represent this lifestyle and connect all of Tom Ford’s experiences and influences into a bold and luxurious accessory that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. 
Pretavoir proudly hold Tom Ford’s Eyewear in pride of place, celebrating his roots in art, glamour and life. The design of this frame alone provide an insight to a world that is exotic, dazzling and bold. Much like the woman who wears them.

Pair 2 - Inspired by the 60s and 70s & Handmade with High-Quality Acetate and Unique Artisan-Crafted Leather Materials

We bring you the Gucci GG0816S 001


For those who like OTT presents, gift them with these striking chunky frames with an Italian luxury aesthetic.
Stocking filler gucci sunglasses
The GG0816S have a slim black leather rectangular frame, inspired by the coveted GG Marmont handbags and accessories collection. The temples have a matelassé quilted effect accented by the Double G hardware on either temple. The translucent-yellow lenses compliment the solid-gold GG emblem perfectly. Gucci is recognised worldwide for its classic double G logo on their leather goods. The brand is also known for its uniquely bold designs that are truly luxurious and must have pieces.

Gucci shades are also highly popular amongst the celeb community too. Stars that have been seen wearing this particular model include Lizzo and Anna Dello Russo.


Pair 3 - A Bold, Gold and Unusual Pair of Signature CAZAL's

We bring you the CAZAL Legends Mod 734/3 097

The brand that are known for their elegant and flashy models, are the perfect stocking filler for your loved one who lives for glamour, class, and the ability to dress like a celeb. 
Cazal sunglasses
No eyewear brand has truly helped shape the aesthetic of a cultural generation in the same way CAZAL and their sunglasses have. CAZAL have fast become one of the world's most beloved cult brands. With a rich history in eyewear design, no brand has defined the aesthetic of a cultural generation in the same way that CAZAL has. Their frames are popular within the hip-hop and the rap movement in the late 70s (their classic 607 frames are affectionately known as the RUN DMC glasses) and have become an instantly recognisable status symbol. 
CAZAL is a brand that gets under your skin, transcending cultural barriers from music to cinema to street style. It's no wonder CAZAL counts the likes of Clint Eastwood, Elton John, Al Pacino, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Brad Pitt, Beyoncé and George Clinton among their many fans!
Made in Germany, their unique design aesthetic truly embodies a classic vintage aesthetic synonymous with luxury and quality. Each pair of CAZAL glasses are made up of at least 50 different pieces before being put through rigorous testing. Using only the finest material such as gold and pure titanium, CAZAL glasses are built to last. These sunglasses are not just for Christmas…  

Pair 4 - The Black, Geometric Prada Shades

We bring to you the Prada PR 17WS 1AB5S0

For those individuals who like to follow the latest trends, the Prada Symbole style sunglasses have blown up over 2022. They are the perfect Christmas gift to enter the New Year with. 
Prada symbole sunglasses
Prada is undeniably one of the most successful brands within the luxury market, and they certainly never fail with their unique eyewear styles. Their sophisticated reputation alongside their sturdy frames makes them a favourite amongst eyewear customers. Prada's impeccable Symbole design comes in a variety of different sizes and colour ways. However, they all feature the class geometric design with the unusual three dimensional shape along the temple. The thin rectangle frame is designed to create a statement pair of sunglasses with an edgy and classy feel. The "Prada Milano" signature logo is displayed along the side of the glasses accentuating the brand name.
We haven't been deprived of seeing Prada Symbole content online this year. Proven to be a popular style amongst a variety of influencers and bloggers, as well as many A-list names in Hollywood, the hype of this design is not looking like it will die down anytime soon. Making it the perfect statement stocking filler that is bound to get a lot of use. Celebs seen styling this signature style include the likes of Pete Davidson, Travis Barker, Alicia Roddy, Romeo Beckham, and Shay Mitchell. The Prada Symbole style does happen to be unisex making it a versatile piece for every person and every look. 

Pair 5 - Elegant & Classy with a Size of Embellishment

We bring to you the Tiffany & Co. TF4089B

If you are looking for that chic addition to add to your loved ones wardrobe, then this model from Tiffany & Co. is certainly that addition.
Stocking filler Tiffany & Co sunglasses
Tiffany & Co. sunglasses
Tiffany & Co. are known worldwide, and most recognised by their signature Tiffany blue colour alongside their intricate and detailed designs and remarkable diamonds. In fact, Charles Lewis Tiffany was the first jeweller to recognise the diamond as a 'symbol of love'. The Tiffany setting now happens to be the worlds most iconic engagement ring
Tiffany is regarded as highly popular within modern day society due to their more natural and elegant styles compared to some other brands. With delicate jewellery pieces being their forte, the brand naturally adopts that same style for their sunglasses range. A lot of Tiffany & Co. glasses can be spotted from a far as they incorporate their signature Tiffany blue into all aspects of their glasses from the temples to the frame and the lenses. The brand also notably include jewelled detailing into their sunglasses maintaining the elegant and high-class image of their brand. The pair listed above are a perfect example of this. 

Pair 6 - The Most Popular Ray-Bans on the Market For Those Who Are Hard to Please

We bring to you the Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140 901

stocking filler Ray-Bans
The Ray-Ban Wayfarer model are one of the most recognisable and highly regarded pairs of sunglasses on the market. Established in 1937, Ray-Ban continues to take the place for one of the most successful glasses brand worldwide. Some of their most popular models include the Wayfarer, Aviator, Erika, and Caravan, which have been seen worn by reputable and well-established figures worldwide. Ray-Ban Wayfarer wearers include Kate Middleton, Emily Ratajkowski, Michael Jackson, and David Beckham.
Ray-Ban have also found their place on the Hollywood scene and this particular style has made an appearance in several blockbusters. Risky Business, Men in Black, and The Blues Brothers all feature a pair of black Ray-Bans within the casts' main wardrobe. Oh, and we all know that you were wondering what shades Leo Dicaprio's character Jordan Belfort was sporting in The Wolf of Wall Street. There, you have your answer!
This classic pair of shades would certainly not go a miss for anyones Christmas stocking filler. Versatile, popular, and unisex, if none of the other styles listed above would be of interest, we can certainly guarantee that this style would not be the wrong choice for anyone!
Au revoir,


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