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'The Price of Perfection': Olivia Attwood Dack's Eyewear Collection

'The Price of Perfection': Olivia Attwood Dack's Eyewear Collection

Emerging from the spotlight of Love Island series 3 in 2017, Olivia Attwood Dack seamlessly transitioned into the world of reality TV. In her latest endeavour, the documentary series "The Price of Perfection," Olivia goes beyond the glitz and glamour, exploring the hidden world behind the theatre doors. Here, she connects with everyday people who are undergoing transformative journeys under the surgeon's knife in pursuit of the elusive 'perfect' body.

This fresh and immersive program takes viewers on a journey through changing beauty trends and ground-breaking new procedures. Olivia delves into the depths of our collective willingness to go to extraordinary lengths and invest significant amounts of money to attain the ever-evolving standards of beauty.

Promising a candid, humorous, and relatable approach, the documentary lifts the lid on our collective pursuit of the perfect body.


A standout feature of the series is Olivia Attwood Dack's eyewear collection, featuring renowned brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Celine, and Tom Ford.

In the first episode, Olivia makes a statement in the popular Dior Midnight frames, his instalment explores the innovative world of facial cosmetic procedures, covering everything from Instagram-worthy Cupid lips in LA to Fox Eyebrow lifts that can be accomplished during a lunch hour.

Olivia Attwood wearing Dior Midnight frames on The Price of PerfectionOlivia wears Dior DiorMidnight B1I 10A0


One of our trending best-sellers, the Gucci GG1082O 002, also made a notable appearance in episode 3 where Olivia delved into the rapid growth of cosmetic procedures focused on the lower body. The exploration ranged from the Brazilian Butt Lift to the controversial use of fillers.


Olivia Attwood wearing havana Gucci glasses on The Price of PerfectionOlivia wears Gucci GG1082O 002


Olivia can also be seen throughout the series wearing the Saint Laurent Sun SL 596 Dune 003 frames below.

We are obsessed! 

Olivia Attwood Saint Laurent SunglassesOlivia wears Saint Laurent Sun SL 596 Dune 003


And the Celine CL50086I 001 which Olivia has been spotted wearing on numerous occasions including on her show ‘Getting Filthy Rich’.


These Tom Ford TF5766-B 078 Blue Control glasses are another favourite of ours that are proving to be a popular style. These frame have been featured a few times on Olivia's Instagram.


Olivia Attwood wears purple Tom Ford glasses on her InstagramOlivia wears Tom Ford TF5766-B 078



To explore more of Olivia's iconic eyewear, visit her our Olivia Attwood collection. 


To check out the show visit www.itv.com



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