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Versace Biggie Sunglasses: Get the Look

Versace Biggie Sunglasses: Get the Look

So, what is the hype surrounding Versace Biggie sunglasses? Let’s get into the details. We would presume that if you have found yourself on this page, you are well aware of the hip-hop icon, Biggie. You may also know him as Biggie Smalls, The Notorious B.I.G., Big Poppa, or simply Christopher Wallace. 


Christopher George Latore Wallace had power in his lyrics, and style in his music videos, and brought a new era to the hip-hop world. Born in 1972 in Brooklyn, New York, Wallace, a high-school dropout and ex-convict, rose to superstardom once he started to take his passion for rap seriously following signing to Uptown Records record label. By expressing his stories through his lyrics, Biggie quickly became a sensation.


The rapper had a close connection to icon and fellow member of the rap scene, Tupac Shakur in his early days before they had become involved in a West Coast vs East Coast hip-hop feud. Shakur expressed that Biggie was heavily influenced by him, particularly style-wise. In fact, in one of Tupac's singles, he makes a point to mention that Biggie replicates his Versace style in particular. It is clear that Versace was heavily influential and popular on the 80s/90s hip-hop scene. 


Biggie Smalls Fashion Style

80s hip-hop style is an influential look that many people, worldwide, continue to wear and replicate to this day. For Biggie, alongside his music, image and style were a huge part of him and his aesthetic. He continued to express his fashion sense by rotating his favourite designers and brands, representing them to the fullest. He is predominantly known for rocking Coogi sweaters, Timberland Boots, and large black bomber jackets paired with wool beanie hats. However, one brand that The Notorious was known to sport regularly was Versace. 


Alongside Tupac, "Biggie cemented Versace's reputation as an icon of hip-hop style..." He was also one of the first rappers to attend the luxury houses fashion show back in the day. 


Seen in oversized garments, much like everyone else on the hip-hop scene, Wallace was a huge fan of the Italian luxury fashion house. He was pictured occasionally in Versace print silk shirts paired with a pair of sleek shades - usually black with gold detailing. Thankfully, Netflix are allowing viewers to take a trip back in time with their “I Got a Story to Tell” documentary released back in 2021. The hour and a half documentary displays Wallace’s life, bringing attention to all of his much loved looks. In the meantime, let us introduce the real star of this post…


The Versace Biggie Sunglasses

Versace Biggie sunglasses

Formerly known as the Versace 425's, the shades were brought to public attention as the 'Versace Biggie Sunglasses' when he wore them in his iconic Hypnotize music video. 



Versace 4361 Sunglasses aka Versace Biggie Sunglasses

The Versace Biggie Sunglasses, also more notably known by us now as the Versace 4361 sunglasses have been a hit favourite since they were rereleased in 2018. Still a popular style amongst A-listers, these shades are sported by celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Maya Jama, Bella Hadid, Rhianna, Tyga, Jack Harlow, the list goes on...These influential figures have assisted in keeping Biggie's famous sunglass trend alive.  

Celebrities wearing Versace Biggie Sunglasses


The glasses frame and temples are made in Italy from 100% nylon fibre and feature a grey lens. They are a stylish piece combining both the 80s 'old-skool' era whilst also incorporating the elegant and bold Versace style that we all know and love. The affluent bold detailing is a perfect asset to any outfit and can take a casual look to the next level. 

Over time, Versace has continued to expand their Biggie sunglasses collection. Here are PRETAVOIR, we do not only stock the black and gold frame but also the white, havana, and all black model too. Versace, themselves, stock bolder colours such as neon pink, green, and yellow if you prefer to make more of a statement. Each colour shows an opulence class while giving that powerful and distinguished feel. They exact way the Italian house want you to feel whilst wearing their products.




Versace 4361 311/6GVersace Biggie Sunglasses 





Au revoir, 


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