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Thom Browne Sunglasses
Thom Browne Sunglasses
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Thom Browne Sunglasses

Thom Browne Sunglasses - a collection of special refinement.

Thom Browne - The History

It’s hard to believe that Thom Browne didn’t actually study to become a fashion designer. Born in Pennsylvania, Browne attended the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, where he studied business and economics. By chance, he found himself in the fashion industry after moving to New York in 1997 - where he had moved to pursue acting. He started working in Giorgio Armani’s showroom and during this time he was discovered by Ralph Lauren, who hired him as a designer after seeing one of Thom’s signature suits. In 2001, he left to start his own label and in 2003 he opened his made-to-measure store in New York. Three years later he presented at New York Fashion Week. In 2007, he began a collaboration with Brooks Brothers and the following year was named designer of the year by GQ. In 2013, the CFDA awarded Browne its Menswear Designer of the Year Award and he was famed for revolutionising men's tailoring. Later he became widely recognized for his womenswear after US first lady Michelle Obama wore one of his designs to the 2013 presidential inauguration.

Thom Brown Sunglasses in Collaboration With Dita Eyewear

His first endeavour into eyewear started in 2011 when he collaborated with DITA Eyewear. Thom, along with Dita co-founders Jeff Solorio and John Junipers, shares a passion for perfection, high-quality materials and innovative craftsmanship. Their eyewear partnership continues to this day. The Thom Browne Sunglasses collection boasts simplistic pieces manufactured with the finest materials and extraordinary craftsmanship, to create elegance and refinement across every frame. Comprised of metal and high-quality acetate, each frame is crafted in Japan and expertly-finished with the signature Thom Browne tricolour tips. Combining both classic styles with modern and sleek adaptations, this eyewear collection captures a timeless style with a taste for high-end luxury.

Thom Browne Triumphs Adidas - For Now

Just recently, in 2021, Brown faced controversy with sportswear giant Adidas. Adidas had taken the luxury house to court disputing that the brand was replicating its three-stripe logo - ultimately confusing customers. Brown's attorneys expressed in court that there would be no confusion between the two brands regardless of the similarity in design. They stated that, after all, Thom Browne is a high-end luxury fashion house whereas Adidas is a sportswear company. Their product prices also highly differ. Brown won in court and expressed that upcoming and newer brands should not be intimidated by those larger brand names currently dominating the fashion market. They should not be entitled to overrule the hard work and designs created by innovative designers. However, it is well-known that the dispute may be far from over as Adidas continue to push its point. 

Thom Browne Sunglasses

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