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Tom Ford Blue Light Glasses
Tom Ford Blue Light Glasses


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Tom Ford Blue Light Glasses

With an extensive range of Tom Ford Blue Light Glasses, we are certain that you will find your perfect pair at PRET A VOIR. With almost 400 styles to choose from, there is a pair for everyone, no matter the style or size preference. 

Fashion designer Tom Ford is best known for turning Gucci around in the 90s when it was hitting rock bottom. His work within the leading luxury group led the brand into billions. Therefore, it is no surprise that Ford used his creativity and innovation to use his own name in 2006, launching his own label. It was during this time that Ford displayed his capabilities to the world by exhibiting a range of menswear, beauty, and accessories - including eyewear. Ford explained that his lavish label was directed towards a clientele with disposable income and a strong value of self worth and power - particularly women.

Tom Ford Blue Light Glasses Serve Both Purpose & Sophistication

Ford's initial identification for the brand is still displayed in his collections to this day. His bold, yet simply classy approach is noticable worldwide. These pieces, paired with the sleek Tom Ford logo constantly displays a feel of elegance and sophistication. This sophistication is very much recognised through Tom Ford Blue Control Eyewear. A staple piece for those powerful individuals with a taste for cutting-edge fashion and the goal of cancelling out intense blue light that could potentially damage your eyes.

Blue light glasses have became increasingly popular in recent years, particularly due to the increase in using technology more often. Protect your eyes from everyday side effects of blue light. Over exposure to blue light can ultimately cause interference with your sleep quality, and cause screen-induced migraines and eye strain. With an increase in the number of people working from home, over-expose to screentime is at an all-time high. Protect yourself today and invest in some blue control eyewear. 

Here are some of our best selling pairs below:

TOM FORD TF5803-B 001 

TOM FORD TF5634-B 001

TOM FORD TF5735-B 026

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