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The Synchrony Ultra HDC lens design is a full back surface Progressive lens design (FBS) with a variable corridor and customized position of wear measurements. Synchrony Ultra Progressive lenses provide excellent vision for a wide variety of demanding activities such as:  Performing dynamic tasks  Relaxed vision when reading or using computers  The optimal balance between optics and aesthetics Synchrony Ultra Progressive lenses provide presbyopes with:  Fast-switch from near to far and from near to intermediate when performing dynamic tasks  Relaxed position of head, shoulders and upper body for clear up-close activities or the use of computers  Large distortion-free zone for natural vision without too many head movements Synchrony Ultra lenses provide optimal vision regardless of the stage of presbyopia or ametropia. Emerging presbyopes are used to unrestricted near vision and can still see objects at mid-range distances through either the distance or near zone of the lens. The Synchrony Ultra design incorporates a shorter progression length and an easily accessible reading zone for early prebyopes. Advanced presbyopes have lost their ability to focus on both up-close and mid-range objects. The Synchrony Ultra design presents a longer, wider intermediate zone using a unique lens design for every add power. Myopes demand more for their distance vision through progressive lenses. The Synchrony Ultra design uses flat base curves and incorporates a wide distance zone. Hyperopes rely more on progressive lenses for reading. The Synchrony Ultra design integrates steep base curves and a wide near zone.

Synchrony Ultra Progressive Lenses, for a wide variety of demanding activities. Good vision when performing dynamic tasks. Relaxed vision when reading or using computers. The best balance between optics and aesthetics.

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