Zeiss Duravision Platinum - Buy Online

DuraVision Platinum contains all the features of DuraVision Silver. But it goes one better when it comes to durability! With DuraVision Platinum, you give your lenses the best hard coating ZEISS has ever had.

For anyone who won't settle for the best

What is the most important quality in a lens coating? 7 out of the 10 people we asked responded that scratch resistance and durability are most important. This isn't surprising because lenses must keep up with our modern lives and be sufficiently durable to rise to the challenges life poses, both at work and in our free time.

With DuraVision Platinum, ZEISS takes hard coating to the next level. A special manufacturing process makes our plastic lenses more durable than ever before. Internal measurements have shown that with DuraVision Platinum ZEISS can produce lenses that are three times harder than in the past.

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