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Stella McCartney SC40070U 01V

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Model Number: SC40070U
Frame Colour: Shiny Black
Colour Code: 01V
Frame Type: Full Rim
Frame Shape: Wraparound
Material: Acetate
Lens Colour: Blue
Lens Width: 70mm
Bridge Size: 13mm
Temple Length: 115mm
Our SKU: 152376

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24 Month Warranty with All Frames Purchased.

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This wraparound Stella McCartney sunglass comes in a shiny black frame with blue lenses.

About Stella McCartney:

Stella McCartney is a renowned fashion brand known for its innovative designs, modern elegance, and unwavering commitment to sustainability. Founded in 2001 by the esteemed British designer Stella McCartney, the brand has made waves in the fashion industry by placing ethical and sustainable practices at the forefront of its creations.

Central to Stella McCartney's philosophy is the brand's dedication to minimizing its environmental impact. The brand champions the use of sustainable materials and responsible production methods throughout its collections, including its eyewear line. The Stella McCartney eyewear collection is a shining example of how fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. Indeed Stella herself was awarded a CBE in 2023 for her contribution and commitment to sustainable fashion.

Stella McCartney eyewear is crafted with a focus on eco-friendly materials. Bio-acetate, a renewable and biodegradable alternative to traditional acetate, is frequently used in their frames. This innovative material reduces the eyewear's carbon footprint while ensuring a high level of quality and durability. Additionally, the brand incorporates recycled and upcycled elements into its collection, further demonstrating its commitment to circular fashion practices.

One notable aspect of Stella McCartney's glasses and sunglasses collections is the inspiration from the iconic Falabella bags. The Falabella bag, renowned for its distinctive chain trim, has become a signature element of the brand. Stella McCartney has ingeniously translated this signature design feature into some sunglasses styles, incorporating the chain detail into the frames. This seamless integration pays homage to the brand's heritage and creates a harmonious connection between different product lines.

Beyond its sustainable materials and design inspirations, the Stella McCartney eyewear line also reflects the brand's commitment to social responsibility. The collection is produced under fair working conditions, ensuring that the artisans involved in the manufacturing process are treated ethically and with respect. Stella McCartney believes in creating positive change not only in the environmental sphere but also in promoting social welfare throughout its supply chain.

With its innovative designs, dedication to sustainability, and ethical practices, Stella McCartney has become a trailblazer in the fashion industry. The brand's glasses collection exemplifies its mission to provide stylish and eco-conscious options for those seeking to make a positive impact through their fashion choices. Stella McCartney proves that sustainable fashion is not only a responsible choice but also a symbol of sophistication, innovation, and timeless elegance.

Your brand new Stella McCartney sunglasses will come including all official accessories and will be covered by our 24 month global warranty.

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