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Dita-Lancier: Advanced Lens Technology for Land, Sea, and Air

Dita-Lancier: Advanced Lens Technology for Land, Sea, and Air

Dita-Lancier offers an unparalleled visual experience tailored for Land, Sea, and Air.

Dita Lancier lenses are Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, AR Coated and Scratch Resistant.

Land Lens: 

Whether driving, running or cycling, the brown polarised Land-lens excels at contrasting reds, greens and yellows. Full polarisation and high contrast enhance clarity, revealing vibrant colours and ensuring optimal visibility on land.

Dita Lancier land lenses


Sea Lens: 

For coastal and water environments, the grey polarised Sea-lens effectively contrast reds and skin tones against the blue backdrop of the ocean and sky. Maximum polarisation significantly reduces glare on water surfaces.

Dita Lancier sea lenses


Air Lens: 

In high-altitude, open-air environments and activities that demand heightened clarity, the G-12 Air-lens stands out. It adeptly contrasts reds with the blue and green backgrounds. Notably, it features no polarisation, ensuring maximum contrast without compromising depth perception in all lighting conditions.

Dita Lancier air lenses


In the realm of premium eyewear, the name that consistently outshines the competition is Dita. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence and groundbreaking design, Dita has firmly established itself as a trailblazer in the eyewear industry. Among their impressive eyewear collections, the Dita Lancier is a shining example of their relentless pursuit of innovation and functionality.


Key Features of Dita Lancier Frames

Screwless Hinge System: 

The Dita Lancier proudly showcases a screwless hinge system, a revolutionary hinge design that operates without the need for screws. This innovation ensures a longer product lifespan compared to traditional notched or screw-based systems. Dita has taken it a step further with a custom anti-walk hinge pin featuring an open/close assisted detent feature, enhancing the frame's durability and stability during various activities.


Enhanced Temple Tips:

All Dita Lancier temple tips feature a distinctive square hole detail designed to integrate with their proprietary DITA-Lancier Retention Cord. This ingenious addition adds a layer of security and performance to the eyewear.


Most Dita Lancier frames have adjustable soft-touch anti-slip temple tips, ensuring a secure fit during all-day wear and enhancing comfort and stability. Dita Lancier frames are fitted with adjustable textured anti-slip injected nose pads, delivering all-day comfort without compromising style.

Ultralight Titanium:

Dita's use of ultralight titanium sets a new standard for comfort. The titanium is thinner than stainless steel, resulting in exceptionally lightweight frames that maintain their durability. The majority of Dita Lancier frames weigh a mere 20 grams, lighter than just a few paper clips.


Dita Lancier also incorporates TR90, a high-quality, ultra-lightweight nylon-based material designed to be even lighter than traditional acetate.

Ergonomically Designed:

TR90, as an injection-moulded material, maintains its shape during rigorous activities and flexes back to form when needed. The sculpted flex-fitting temples are designed with a curvature that snugly embraces the head and relieves pressure on the ears. Dita Lancier frames provide nearly 300 degrees of support, ensuring unmatched comfort.

Dita Lancier made in Japan


Shop Some of our Best Selling DITA Lancier Sunglasses:

Dita Lancier DLS 701 03

Dita Lancier DLS 701 03

Dita Lancier DLS 103 01 Polarised





Dita Lancier DLS 103 01 Polarised

Dita Lancier DLS 700 01 PolarisedA

Dita Lancier DLS 700 01 Polarised



Shop Some of our Best Selling DITA Lancier Optical Glasses:

Dita Lancier LSA-115 DLX 115 01





Dita Lancier LSA-115 DLX 115 01


Dita Lancier LSA-106 DLX 106 03

Dita Lancier LSA-106 DLX 106 03

Dita Lancier DLX 403 01





Dita Lancier DLX 403 01


Dita Lancier DLX 105 01

Dita Lancier DLX 105 01


Designed by DITA

Dita Lancier is a category of one. DITA has consistently earned this distinction over its illustrious 25-year history, reshaping eyewear conventions to create discreet luxury.

Established in 1995, DITA's expertise is nothing short of exceptional, and it has earned a coveted reputation as a leader in luxury optical innovation. Serving some of the world's most discerning clientele, DITA has challenged the old guard and forged enduring relationships within culture, style, sport, and entertainment.

The unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in DITA-Lancier frames demand the highest quality, making them the ultimate choice for those who expect nothing less than perfection from their eyewear.

Dita Lancier isn't just eyewear; it's an abode of innovation, quality, and style. With advanced lens technology engineered for land, sea, and air environments, coupled with an array of features prioritising comfort and functionality, Dita Lancier emerges as the definitive choice for those who demand excellence from their eyewear.

Experience the world in vivid colours, exceptional clarity, and optimal visibility with Dita Lancier. Elevate your eyewear game to a new level and make a statement beyond mere aesthetics. Choose Dita Lancier and become a part of the category of one.


Shop more DITA Lancier sunglasses & DITA Lancier optical glasses


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