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Oscars Eyewear 2024: Steal the Styles of the Stars

Oscars Eyewear 2024: Steal the Styles of the Stars

Lights, camera, eyewear! The 96th Academy Awards dazzled the world with its celebration of cinematic excellence, and while the spotlight shone brightly on remarkable films and outstanding performances, it also captured the impeccable style and fashion choices of Hollywood's finest.

From the emotionally charged "Oppenheimer" clinching the coveted Best Picture award to the spellbinding performances that earned Cillian Murphy and Emma Stone the titles of Best Actor and Best Actress, respectively, the evening was a symphony of talent and glamour.

In the realm of eyewear, the red carpet witnessed iconic moments that transcended the silver screen. Robert Downey Jr., a perennial favourite, not only claimed the accolade for Best Supporting Actor but also turned heads with his chic opticals—a testament to his flair for both acting and style. Meanwhile, the suave Ryan Gosling stole the show not just with a soulful rendition of "I'm Just Ken" but also with his choice of eyewear, reminiscent of the sleek black cat-eye sunglasses he rocked in a beloved film. And then there was the powerhouse presence of John Cena, a focal point of discussions with his on-stage appearance. As the curtain fell on the awards, our attention turned to the dazzling array of eyewear that graced the event, capturing the essence of glamour and sophistication.

Join us as we delve into the eyewear highlights of the 96th Academy Awards, exploring the frames that adorned the eyes of Hollywood's elite and left a lasting imprint on the red carpet. Let's shine a spotlight on the frames that framed the magic of the Oscars!

Ryan Gosling in DITA

Ryan Gosling wearing black DITA sunglasses while performing 'I'm just Ken' at the 96th Oscar AwardsRyan Gosling wears Dita Showgoer DTS513 04.


Rosé in Saint Laurent


Jeffrey Wright in Oliver Peoples

Jeffrey Wright wearing Oliver Peoples Denison OV5102 1031 Matte Black sunglasses at the 96th Oscar awards on Sunday 10th March 2024

Glen Powell in Tom Ford

Glen Powell at the Oscar Awards 2024 wearing Tom Ford Quincy TF1080 01E Photochromic sunglasses with orange lensesGlen Powell wears Tom Ford Quincy TF1080 01E Photochromic.



Bad Bunny in Cartier

Bad Bunny wears Cartier Corbetti rimless glasses at the 2024 Oscar Awards

Bad Bunny wears Cartier Corbetti CT0061O 003.


Robert Downey Jr. in Oliver Peoples

Robert Downey Jr. in custom Oliver Peoples glasses at the Oscars 2024

Robert Downey Jr. wears custom Oliver Peoples glasses.



Tom Ford in Tom Ford

Tom Ford the fashion designer wearing Tom Ford Fausto sunglasses at the 2024 Oscar AwardsTom Ford wears Tom Ford Fausto TF711 01A.


Billie Eilish in Chrome Hearts

Billie Eilish wears custom Chrome Hearts glasses at the Oscars 2024Billie Eilish wears custom Chrome Hearts glasses.


Cord Jefferson in Oliver Peoples

Cord Jefferson wears Oliver Peoples Cary Grant round optical glasses at the 96th Academy Awards

Cord Jefferson wears Oliver Peoples Cary Grant OV5413U 1492.


Dominic Sessa in Tom Ford

Dominic Sessa at the 96th Oscar Academy Awards wearing Tom Ford sunglasses with orange lenses.Dominic Sessa wears Tom Ford Turner - coming soon to Pret a Voir.



Lena Waithe in Garrett Leight



Matthew McConaughey in Garrett Leight 

Matthew McConaughey wears Garrett Leight Torrey sunglasses at the 96th Academy AwardsMatthew McConaughey wears Garrett Leight Torrey Sun (contact us to order).


Roger Federer in Oliver Peoples

Roger Federer wears custom Oliver Peoples sunglasses at the Oscar Awards 2024

Roger Federer wears Oliver Peoples sunglasses from his upcoming collection with Oliver Peoples.


Crystal Ball Time Before the Awards: Our Predictions Vs. The Final Result 

With a diverse slate of nominees across all categories, this year's ceremony promises to be a night of surprises and well-deserved recognition. But before the golden statuettes are handed out, let's peer into the crystal ball and analyze the frontrunners in some of the most coveted categories.


Best Picture:

Prediction: The juggernaut film this year is undoubtedly Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated biopic, "Oppenheimer." Chronicling the life and work of the enigmatic physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the film boasts a stellar cast led by Cillian Murphy and is expected to dominate the technical categories with its breathtaking visuals. However, films like "Killers of the Flower Moon," Martin Scorsese's period crime drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, and the genre-bending "Poor Things" from director Tony McNamara, shouldn't be counted out.

Winner: Oppenheimer


Best Director:

Prediction: This category is shaping up to be a battle between titans. Christopher Nolan, a multiple nominee for Best Director, is the favorite for "Oppenheimer." However, don't underestimate Jonathan Glazer's chilling and atmospheric work in "The Zone of Interest" or Greta Gerwig's playful and subversive take on the "Barbie" franchise. While Gerwig isn't known for sporting sunglasses, her husband and frequent collaborator, Noah Baumbach, is often seen sporting classic tortoiseshell frames.

Winner: Oppenheimer - Christopher Nolan


Best Actor:

Prediction: This year's Best Actor race is wide open. The chameleon-like Cillian Murphy delivers a nuanced performance as the complex Oppenheimer, but Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of the enigmatic scientist in the same film could be a spoiler. Other strong contenders include Paul Giamatti for his layered performance in "The Holdovers" and Sterling K. Brown's captivating turn in the coming-of-age drama "American Fiction." Fun fact: Brown is a known sunglasses aficionado, often sporting classic aviators.

Winner: Cillian Murphy - Oppenheimer


Best Actress:

Prediction: History could be made in the Best Actress category. Lily Gladstone, for her captivating performance in "Killers of the Flower Moon," is the first Native American actress to be nominated. She faces stiff competition from established names like Emma Stone, who brings depth to the unconventional heroine of "Poor Things," and the ever-reliable Carey Mulligan, who delivers a powerhouse performance in "Maestro." While sunglasses aren't necessarily their signature accessory, all three actresses have rocked timeless wayfarers on the red carpet.

Winner: Emma Stone - Poor Things


Best Supporting Actor:

Prediction: This category is a toss-up between seasoned veterans and rising stars. Robert De Niro brings gravitas to "Killers of the Flower Moon," but Ryan Gosling's campy portrayal of Ken in "Barbie" has garnered critical acclaim. Cord Jefferson, a relative newcomer, delivers a breakout performance in "American Fiction," while Mark Ruffalo's versatility shines in "Poor Things."

Winner: Robert Downey Jr - Oppenheimer


Best Supporting Actress:

Prediction: This award could go to Da'Vine Joy Randolph, a comedic powerhouse, for her scene-stealing role in "The Holdovers." However, don't discount the captivating performances by veteran actresses Annette Bening in "Nyad" and Sandra Hüller in the German drama "Anatomy of a Fall."

Winner: Da'Vine Joy Randolph - The Holdovers


Beyond the Big Categories: Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting battles in the technical categories. "Oppenheimer" is a frontrunner for Best Cinematography and Visual Effects, while "Barbie" could surprise with its costume design and production design. "The Holdovers" might snag the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, and the hauntingly beautiful score of "The Zone of Interest" is a strong contender for Best Original Score.

Who Will Shine Brightest? With so many strong contenders, this year's Oscars promise to be a night of unpredictable wins and emotional speeches. While the frontrunners might seem obvious, the Academy Awards have a history of throwing surprises. One thing's for sure, the ceremony will be a dazzling display of filmmaking excellence, celebrating the creativity and talent that continues to push the boundaries of cinema.




 Au Revoir,

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  • Renee welling: March 13, 2024

    What brand are Annette Benigna glasses at this last Oscars of 2024? They are octagonal and what tint ?

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