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Succession Sunglasses: Frames from the HBO Drama Series

Succession Sunglasses: Frames from the HBO Drama Series

A few shows have managed to capture the essence of power, wealth, and familial intrigue as masterfully as "Succession."

Set against the backdrop of a media empire and the larger-than-life Roy family, the show delves deep into the complexities of relationships, ambition, and the concept of 'quiet luxury' and 'stealth wealth.' While the characters' personas and dynamics are compelling, their fashion choices, particularly the glasses and sunglasses they don, add an extra layer of depth to their identities.

Succession TV show

"Succession" is a TV show about the Roy family, owners of a powerful media empire. Created by Jesse Armstrong, the show follows their internal power struggles, familial conflicts, and personal ambitions as they vie for control of the company. Led by patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the family battles for supremacy, revealing their complexities, insecurities, and desires. The show explores themes of wealth, influence, and morality while delving into intricate relationships. It's a gripping drama that unveils the dynamics of a wealthy family's world, crafted with depth by its creator, Jesse Armstrong.

The costume design of "Succession" is captivating due to its nuanced portrayal of the characters' personalities, power dynamics, and underlying themes. The costumes are meticulously crafted to reflect the characters' identities and arcs. Each outfit is a visual extension of their personalities, revealing their motivations, insecurities, and desires. From Logan's authoritative suits to Kendall's attempt at sophistication, the clothing acts as a storytelling tool.


Succession TV Show sunglasses

The show employs 'quiet luxury' and 'stealth wealth' through understated, high-quality clothing through brands such as Altuzarra, Canali, Loro Piana, Proenza Schouler and Brunello Cucinelli. This mirrors the family's complex relationships with their immense wealth, often masking their opulence behind refined designs. These subtleties emphasize the characters' internal conflicts and public personas.

Logan Roy Succession sunglasses

As characters evolve, their attire changes accordingly. Kendall's transition from vulnerability to assertion is mirrored in his wardrobe. Shiv's shift from a corporate consultant to an influential player is conveyed through her elegant yet powerful ensembles. Logan's authoritative suits signify control, while Roman's attempts to emulate his father's style reveal his struggle for dominance alongside the rest of the family. The variations in attire communicate shifts with power balances and ever-changing alliances.

Shiv sunglasses Succession TV Show

The costume designer for the TV show "Succession" is Michelle Matland.

Matland's work on "Succession" has been widely praised for its attention to detail and its ability to enhance storytelling through clothing choices through details like fabric choices, tailoring, and accessories. This attention to authenticity adds depth to the characters and their world, making the narrative more immersive.


HBO's Succession Character Rundown

Logan Roy Succession Sunglasses

Logan Roy, portrayed by the esteemed actor Brian Cox, stands as the formidable patriarch of the Roy family and the head of the media conglomerate Waystar Royco.

His character exudes a commanding presence that commands attention whenever he enters a room. This dominance is not only asserted through his actions and words but is also subtly reinforced through his style and choice of accessories. Logan's clothing choices are marked by an air of timeless elegance. His wardrobe largely consists of well-tailored suits, often in deep, rich colours that exude confidence and power. The classic lines and impeccable fits of his suits are indicative of his long-standing influence in the corporate world and his old-world sense of tradition. His preference for classic fashion choices is a reflection of his belief in the enduring value of tradition and hierarchy.

Logan Roy/Brian Cox sunglasses Succession TV showLogan Roy Wearing Persol 3048S 24/31 Sunglasses

The Symbolism of Persol Sunglasses:

Among Logan's accessories, his choice of Persol sunglasses stands out as particularly symbolic. These sunglasses are known for their timeless design, quality craftsmanship, and association with iconic figures. By donning Persol sunglasses, Logan not only shields his eyes from the world but also metaphorically shields his thoughts and emotions. The sunglasses act as a barrier, concealing his intentions and vulnerabilities from those around him.

Logan's position at the helm of a media empire requires him to navigate a world of ruthless competition and high-stakes decisions. His choice of accessories, like the Persol sunglasses, reflects his mastery over this cutthroat environment. The sunglasses serve as a tool to control how much of himself he reveals to others. Just as he guards his thoughts and strategies closely, he shields his eyes, revealing only what he wants others to see.

Logan's sunglasses are emblematic of his ability to simultaneously reveal and conceal aspects of his character. While they offer a veneer of inscrutability, they also reflect his keen awareness of his surroundings. His sharp gaze, often observed through the lenses, underscores his astute judgment and calculated decision-making.


Kendall Roy Succession Sunglasses

Kendall Roy, portrayed by Jeremy Strong, is a central figure in "Succession." His character arc is one of the most compelling aspects of the show, depicting a constant struggle for identity, approval, and dominance within the tumultuous Roy family. As the eldest son, Kendall's journey from vulnerability to attempted dominance is intricately woven into his clothing choices and overall style.

Kendal Roy Succession sunglasses

Kendall Roy Wearing Antique Gold Oliver Peoples Disoriano OV1301S 5284/57 Brunello Cucinelli Edition Sunglasses With Brown Polarised Lenses


Kendall's wardrobe undergoes a significant evolution that closely mirrors his personal growth and the shifting dynamics within the Roy family. At the start of the series, Kendall's attire reflects his uncertainty and attempts to fit into the corporate world his father presides over. His clothing is more polished, and classic, and often aligns with luxurious brands like Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, and Brioni. These brands, known for their high quality and refined craftsmanship, signify Kendall's aspiration to match his father's stature and power. As Kendall grapples with his insecurities and attempts to assert his own authority, his clothing choices become more varied and sometimes experimental. This shift reflects his quest to establish his identity while also standing out from his father's shadow. The evolution of his style showcases his internal conflict and the external pressures he faces as he tries to balance his own ambitions with his father's expectations.

Kendall's choice of glasses is another aspect that holds symbolic significance. Glasses often convey intelligence, seriousness, and control. Kendall's preference for eyewear may reflect his desire to project an image of confidence and control as he navigates the intricate corporate landscape. His glasses become a tool to mask his vulnerabilities, emphasizing his calculated and pragmatic approach to business.

Kendall Roy's choice of eyewear, specifically Oliver Peoples and Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses, offers a fascinating glimpse into his evolving style and the narrative subtleties within "Succession." The selection of eyewear brands known for their distinctive designs underscores Kendall's journey from vulnerability to a determined sense of self. Oliver Peoples, renowned for its timeless elegance, speaks to Kendall's early attempts to mirror his father's stature, with classic and refined frames reflecting his desire to fit into the corporate world. In contrast, Jacques Marie Mage's sunglasses reveal his transition toward self-expression and assertion, as the brand's bold and avant-garde designs mirror his own attempts to stand out and establish his identity amidst the family's power struggles.

Kendall Roy Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun OV5393SU 1612/R5

Kendall Roy Wearing Cinder Cocobolo Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun OV5393SU 1612/R5 Sunglasses With Carbon Grey Lenses


Kendall's clothing choices and accessories, including his glasses, symbolize the tension between his desire to uphold the Roy legacy and his yearning for independence. His attempts to emulate his father's style while still carving his own path demonstrate the complex interplay between filial duty and personal ambition. 


Shiv Roy Succession Sunglasses

Siobhan "Shiv" Roy, brought to life by Sarah Snook, is a character that exudes a unique blend of sophistication, intelligence, and enigma within the Roy family dynamics. Her style serves as an extension of her multifaceted personality, embodying her 'quiet luxury' aesthetic and her ability to navigate the complex world of power struggles and corporate intrigue.

Shiv's clothing choices strike a balance between traditional elegance and contemporary minimalism. Her attire often features clean lines, high-quality fabrics, and a subdued colour palette that reflects her refined taste and status within the family. This 'quiet luxury' approach signifies her ability to command attention without overt displays of wealth, aligning with her strategic mindset and calculated decisions.

Shiv Roy Thierry Lasry SunglassesShiv Roy Wearing Green Thierry Lasry Unicorny Sunglasses - Coming Soon!

Shiv's choice of sunglasses, particularly those by Thierry Lasry and Garrett Leight, plays a symbolic role in her character development. These shades become more than just accessories; they serve as metaphorical shields that allow her to observe situations from behind a barrier, maintaining a level of distance and mystery. This strategic approach aligns with her persona as a shrewd and perceptive strategist who carefully weighs her options before making her moves.

The sunglasses act as a visual metaphor for Shiv's ability to keep her emotions and intentions guarded, even as she navigates the complex family dynamics. They contribute to her aura of enigma and self-assuredness, allowing her to assess situations without fully revealing her thoughts. This duality in her character is further emphasized by her choice of eyewear, highlighting her complex blend of intelligence and emotional reserve.

Shiv Roy Garrett Leight Broadway 2042 SHCR/SFBRLMShiv Roy Wearing Shell Crystal Acetate Garrett Leight Broadway 2042 SHCR/SFBRLM sunglasses With Semi-Flat Brown Layered Mirror Lenses


Shiv's fashion choices, including her sunglasses, mirror the complexity of her character. Her intelligence and pragmatism are encapsulated in her 'quiet luxury' aesthetic, where every detail is thoughtfully chosen. The sunglasses also encapsulate her nuanced role within the family, portraying her as both a perceptive observer and a key player in the family's power dynamics.

Roman Roy Succession Sunglasses

Roman Roy, portrayed by Kieran Culkin, is a character known for his vibrant and flamboyant personality. His style choices reflect his tendency to push boundaries and stand out from the crowd, all while maintaining an intriguing blend of 'stealth wealth' that aligns with the Roy family's complex dynamics.

Roman's clothing choices are marked by their daring and unconventional nature. His willingness to experiment with bold patterns, unexpected colour combinations, and unique silhouettes speaks to his desire to express himself beyond the confines of traditional corporate attire. His clothing becomes an extension of his confident and playful personality.

Roman Roy Matsuda Sun M3087 RGRoman Roy Wearing Matsuda Sun M3087 RG Sunglasses With Pink Gradient Lenses


Roman's choice of sunglasses, particularly those by Matsuda and Garrett Leight, is consistent with his desire to stand out while adhering to a sense of 'stealth wealth.' Both brands are known for their creative designs and high-quality materials, aligning with Roman's penchant for luxury that doesn't scream ostentation. These sunglasses become part of his statement ensemble, reflecting his penchant for both extravagance and subtlety.

As the series progresses and Roman's character matures, his style subtly shifts. The decision to start wearing Persol sunglasses, the same brand his father Logan Roy often wears, holds significant symbolism. This transition could be seen as a reflection of Roman's desire to connect with his father's authoritative presence and legacy. It suggests a desire to align himself more closely with his family's traditions while still retaining his individuality.

Roman Roy Wearing Persol PO5007ST Black Sunglasses in Succession
Roman's fashion choices are a testament to his desire for attention and recognition, paired with an intricate balancing act. His outfits manage to exude confidence and creativity while avoiding the trap of overtly displaying the family's immense wealth. This dynamic encapsulates his struggle to assert himself within the powerful Roy family structure.

Cousin Greg Succession Sunglasses

Cousin Greg, portrayed by Nicholas Braun, undergoes a remarkable transformation throughout "Succession." Starting as an awkward outsider and eventually becoming a player in the intricate Roy family dynamics, his style choices are emblematic of his journey of adaptation and ambition.

Greg's style evolution mirrors his gradual integration into the Roy family circle. As an outsider navigating the world of the wealthy and powerful, his initial clothing choices might have been unassuming and modest, reflecting his discomfort and lack of familiarity with this new environment. However, as he becomes more enmeshed in the family's affairs, his attire likely shifts to align with the expectations of his surroundings.

Given Greg's character and his attempts to blend in, his choice of glasses would likely be subtle and understated. These glasses would symbolize his desire to not draw unnecessary attention to himself while still presenting a put-together appearance. The glasses become a small yet significant element of his overall transformation, representing his willingness to adapt and conform to the norms of the world he finds himself in.

Cousin Greg Ray-Ban sunglasses Succession TV showCousin Greg Wearing Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses With Grey Lenses


Greg's journey is one of self-discovery as he navigates the complexities of the Roy family. His glasses, as a minor but integral part of his look, mirror his efforts to find his place and assert his presence without overshadowing the more established family members. The glasses become a tool that assists him in navigating this unfamiliar territory and asserting his identity while respecting the traditions and expectations of his new environment.


Tom Wambsgans Succession Sunglasses

Tom Wambsgans, portrayed by Matthew Macfadyen, is a character marked by his complex mix of insecurity, ambition, and a yearning for recognition within the Roy family. His style choices, including his preference for Moscot glasses, provide valuable insights into his multifaceted personality.

Tom's journey within the Roy family is one of navigating his own insecurities while striving for validation and recognition within this influential and competitive world. His desire to fit in and prove his worth often collides with his internal uncertainties. This complex interplay between his ambition and vulnerability is reflected in his choice of attire and accessories.

Tom Wambsgans Persol sunglasses in Succession

Tom Wambsgans Wearing Persol Sunglasses

Tom's choice of Persol sunglasses originally mimics both Logan and Roman Roy before he shifts to Moscot glasses. Moscot becomes a significant aspect of his style. These glasses symbolize his yearning for acceptance and the establishment of a distinct identity within the Roy family. The glasses serve as a physical barrier, concealing his true emotions and vulnerabilities from a world that demands a veneer of confidence. They act as a shield, protecting him from the harsh realities of the cutthroat business landscape he finds himself in.

The glasses not only shield Tom from external pressures but also serve as a mechanism to distance himself from his own insecurities. They embody his desire to present a composed and assured exterior, even if it means masking his true feelings and doubts. This duality reflects his internal struggle to reconcile his need for recognition with the complexities of his personal identity.

Tom Wambsgans light grey sunglasses Succession

Moscot glasses become a subtle yet significant statement within Tom's overall style. They reflect his aspiration to belong while simultaneously underlining his underlying anxieties. The glasses act as a visual metaphor for the façade he maintains as he navigates a world where image and perception are of paramount importance.

"Succession" excels in portraying the concept of 'quiet luxury' and 'stealth wealth.' The characters' clothing choices and accessories are often subtle yet speak volumes about their standing, aspirations, and insecurities. This contrast between extravagant wealth and understated fashion choices is a reflection of the show's central theme - the tension between public perception and private reality.

"Succession" not only captivates with its intricate plot and compelling characters but also impresses with its attention to detail, particularly in the realm of fashion.

The characters' glasses and sunglasses are more than just accessories; they are symbolic of their inner struggles, desires, and the facade they present to the world. Through these choices, the show enhances its exploration of power dynamics, ambition, and the intricacies of the human psyche in the context of wealth and privilege.
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